Month: July 2011

They Just Don’t Riot Like They Used To

I remember watching the Los Angeles Riots in the early nineties. As a kid in East Tennessee, it might as well have been footage from Mars. I’d never seen anything like the bubbling anger and resentment that poured into the streets and erupted in… Continue Reading “They Just Don’t Riot Like They Used To”

Nazi-Butt Kicking: A Review of Captain America

When I was kid growing up in the eighties, there were two things I knew with absolute certainty: (1) I was fat and awkward (2) America was the good guys in the world

405 – A Story for Carmageddon

In honor of Carmageddon and the closing of the 405, I’ve dug out an old story. This was originally published in CHIMERAWORLD 4 in 2006. While I’d had a few magazine articles published and some short films made before this, “405” is the first piece… Continue Reading “405 – A Story for Carmageddon”

The Ludus

Anyone interested in unconventional diet and exercise advise (or who is in the Los Angeles area and looking for an effective, fun, and challenging workout) should head over to THE LUDUS. I just posted an article there on fat loss titled SCREW CONVENTIONAL WISDOM.… Continue Reading “The Ludus”

Lady Haverley’s Peculiar Musings on the Tribulations of Common Happenstance

Lady Haverley’s Peculiar Musings on the Tribulations of Common Happenstance by The Honorable Lady Haverley, Sixteenth Baroness Dunberry (The opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author, who writes from the 19th century and leaves her manuscripts in a mystical mailbox… Continue Reading “Lady Haverley’s Peculiar Musings on the Tribulations of Common Happenstance”

Summer Makes Me Think of Cold War Propaganda

On the 4th of July, several of us got together to grill out. We took it as a “cheat day” and sat aside our healthy eating plans for a day of chili dogs and pie. And more chili dogs. And more pie. And yet,… Continue Reading “Summer Makes Me Think of Cold War Propaganda”

Los Angeles and Road Rage Are Like PB&J

Lasciate ogni speranza voi ch’entrate. Abandon all hope, ye who enter. -Dante Alighieri’s proposal for a freeway entrance sign I’m sitting in traffic on the 101 trying to get to work. “Traffic” isn’t really the right word. “Traffic” implies some type of locomotion. I am… Continue Reading “Los Angeles and Road Rage Are Like PB&J”