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10 Responses to Anger Against the Marriage Equality Ruling

    Here are your responses to the angry rhetoric over today’s Supreme Court decision. No need to pick just one! (1) “It’s Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.” Actually, it’s Adam and Lilith. Lilith left Adam because he was abusive and God… Continue Reading “10 Responses to Anger Against the Marriage Equality Ruling”

5 Most Annoying Christmas Songs

I love Christmas. I love the lights and the Christmas trees and even the shopping. I love bundling up against the cold weather and how everyone seems a little cheerier, just a little lighter and happier, even with the stress of the holidays. And… Continue Reading “5 Most Annoying Christmas Songs”

Black Hounds

My first novel, DARLING, is available from Bad Moon Books. So I thought I’d do a little series on some of the creepy real life legends that make appearances in the novel. `Tis the season, after all… “‘To that Providence, my sons, I hereby… Continue Reading “Black Hounds”

The War on Halloween

The following is a post that originally appeared on author Benjamin Kane Ethridge’s site. Check out the Bram Stoker Award winner’s work here: THE WAR ON HALLOWEEN by Brad C. Hodson Imagine it’s the eighties. An overweight only child, one parent dead and the… Continue Reading “The War on Halloween”

Halloween Haunts

In the mood for some Halloween fare? Of course you are. All month long, the Horror Writers Association will be hosting HALLOWEEN HAUNTS on their blog. Every day there will be a new blog post (sometimes two) that’s pure Halloween goodness. As the site… Continue Reading “Halloween Haunts”

9 Stupid Facts About the US Government

I find politics absolutely absurd in this day and age. Part of it is the mouth-frothing vehemence that people exhibit when holding to their views (or, rather, the views their party tells them they should have). Another part of it is due to what… Continue Reading “9 Stupid Facts About the US Government”

Michael Louis Calvillo

It was a gray, damp morning at a pancake house overlooking a trash lined canal when I first read the news. The previous day had been Queen’s Day in Amsterdam, a giant city wide outdoor party to celebrate the Queen’s birthday, and the cobblestones were… Continue Reading “Michael Louis Calvillo”

Love, Beheadings, and a Tommy Gun: Let’s Celebrate St. Valentine’s Day

As I write this two birds sing to one another outside my window. It would be romantic to assume it was a love song. The reality is they’re warning each other about my cat eyeing them through the window as though Purina had gone… Continue Reading “Love, Beheadings, and a Tommy Gun: Let’s Celebrate St. Valentine’s Day”

Riding the Digital Seas

In the wake of Congress failing to perform REDACTED upon the whole of the internet, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at the issue of piracy. I realize I’m a little late to the party here, but the recent debates… Continue Reading “Riding the Digital Seas”

They Just Don’t Riot Like They Used To

I remember watching the Los Angeles Riots in the early nineties. As a kid in East Tennessee, it might as well have been footage from Mars. I’d never seen anything like the bubbling anger and resentment that poured into the streets and erupted in… Continue Reading “They Just Don’t Riot Like They Used To”