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Where Carrion Gods Dance

While I love a good horror novel, it’s a genre that particularly shines in short form. I cut my teeth reading books like King’s NIGHT SHIFT, Barker’s BOOKS OF BLOOD, and the old Best Horror anthologies edited by Karl Edward Wagner. There’s a lean viciousness that can be… Continue Reading “Where Carrion Gods Dance”

The First Day of Fall, or Excuse Me But I’ve Come Home

The air is cool, the leaves are crisp, and Pumpkin Spice has infected every drink and dessert like a culinary Captain Tripps. That’s right, autumn is officially here. It’s too hot and sunny out right now to truly feel like Halloween season has arrived,… Continue Reading “The First Day of Fall, or Excuse Me But I’ve Come Home”

10 Responses to Anger Against the Marriage Equality Ruling

    Here are your responses to the angry rhetoric over today’s Supreme Court decision. No need to pick just one! (1) “It’s Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.” Actually, it’s Adam and Lilith. Lilith left Adam because he was abusive and God… Continue Reading “10 Responses to Anger Against the Marriage Equality Ruling”

Why Are You Crying?

Why are you crying? Are you hungry? Here, eat. Why are you still crying? Maybe you’re full. Let me burp you. Why are you still crying? Do you want to be put down? No? Held? No? Maybe it’s too quiet, let me put on some… Continue Reading “Why Are You Crying?”

5 Most Annoying Christmas Songs

I love Christmas. I love the lights and the Christmas trees and even the shopping. I love bundling up against the cold weather and how everyone seems a little cheerier, just a little lighter and happier, even with the stress of the holidays. And… Continue Reading “5 Most Annoying Christmas Songs”

Second Presidential Debate Incites Riot

Audiences tuning into the second of three debates between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney last night were expecting what one member of the town hall audience described as a “knock down, drag out fight.” They were disappointed. “It wasn’t what we wanted… Continue Reading “Second Presidential Debate Incites Riot”

Vice-Presidential Debate Takes Unpredicted Turn

Last night, millions tuned in to watch the Vice-President Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan square off at Centre College in Danville, KY. Viewer expectations were mixed, with those on the right anxious to get a first look at Paul Ryan’s debating prowess, and… Continue Reading “Vice-Presidential Debate Takes Unpredicted Turn”

Big Bird Responds to Presidential Debate

The nation gathered around their television sets last night for the first debate in the 2012 Presidential Election. While the suspected topics of health care, the economy, and Cthulhu took up a large portion of the debate between President Barrack Obama and his challenger, Massachusetts… Continue Reading “Big Bird Responds to Presidential Debate”

5 Cover Songs Better Than the Originals

We live in a world of remakes. All of our favorite movies and TV shows as kids are being remade, usually with horrifying results. This is a recycled society. Anything is fair game for the maw of Hollywood to chew up and swallow before… Continue Reading “5 Cover Songs Better Than the Originals”

Top Issues for Presidential Election Are Economy, Cthulhu

A new study shows that the top issues discussed by both Republican and Democratic Presidential candidates are the economy and the possible rising of Cthulhu. Dr. Herbert West, a Professor at Miskatonic University in Massachusetts, has spent the last four months compiling data from every… Continue Reading “Top Issues for Presidential Election Are Economy, Cthulhu”