The author attempting to look like a guy he saw on a book jacket once.

Originally from Knoxville, TN, writer Brad C. Hodson currently hangs his hat in sunny Southern California.

He began his creative career doing stand-up and improv comedy with Einstein Simplified before founding the award winning sketch comedy group “Happy Nowhere.”

Realizing how much he hated rehearsing, Hodson began focusing on writing when he moved to California. Since then, he’s done rewriting and script doctoring work on films in every genre, as well as some original projects.

His non-fiction has been published in magazines nationwide and his piece on school shootings, “Slaying Dragons: The Positive Effects of Violent Media On Children,” was a runner up for the Kornbluh Award.

His short stories can be read alongside folks like George RR Martin (GAME OF THRONES), Chuck Palahniuk (FIGHT CLUB), Neil Gaiman, and many more of his literary heroes. The story “Things Unsaid” received the Roselle Lewis Award for Superior Achievement in Short Fiction in 2009.

His first novel, DARLING, is available through Bad Moon Books.

When not writing, Hodson is the Administrator for the Horror Writers Association and coordinates digital media work between Los Angeles and India for Technicolor. He enjoys travelling, lifting heavy things made of iron, and writing about himself in third person. For more information on where to find his material, please check out the Bibliography page.

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    I have a question regarding your book I believe I should not post in public. Could you please send me an email so I can ask away?

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