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Women In Horror Month: An Interview with Lisa Morton

February 8, 2012

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February is WOMEN IN HORROR MONTH, a month I’m sure most of you had no idea existed. February, I mean. Who keeps track of anything between Christmas and the Fourth of July? In all seriousness, women in the horror genre are often relegated to the role of Victim. Only female stand-up comics seem to get […]

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Los Angeles and Road Rage Are Like PB&J

July 1, 2011

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Lasciate ogni speranza voi ch’entrate. Abandon all hope, ye who enter. -Dante Alighieri’s proposal for a freeway entrance sign I’m sitting in traffic on the 101 trying to get to work. “Traffic” isn’t really the right word. “Traffic” implies some type of locomotion. I am instead parked on the world’s largest used car lot. The man […]

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I am an idiot

June 21, 2011


We all do stupid things from time to time, yet years ago I decided to revolve my life around one of them. You see, I have chosen the single most masochistic, cruel, and unforgiving career path imaginable. I suppose there are worse decisions. Scraping up elephant dung at the circus seems rather thankless, as does […]

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