A Return to the October Country

That magical time of year is here once again. The skies are a little grayer, the air a little chillier. Multicolored leaves dance their way down the street in the embrace of a cool wind. Candles flicker from inside the hollow eyes of a pumpkin and ghosts cavort across our television screens.

And, perhaps, across our bedrooms at night.

For us Autumn People, the weeks leading up to Halloween are some of our favorite of the year.  It’s our time to sip a pumpkin latte while reading a good (and, let us not forget, dark) book. Or to eat apple cinnamon cake while watching a marathon of creepy cinema on cable or Netflix. Or taking a walk in the crisp early evening (an evening that has crept and crawled into a time that was daylight mere weeks ago) and once again enjoy the night. Whatever your traditions, however fun or macabre your rituals, if you’re reading this chances are you feel the same.

And so, as I prepare for own holiday traditions (which include daily Halloween related posts on this here site), I thought I’d offer a few twilight words to help the Autumn People as they march this wondrous October.


A fascinating (and terrifying) documentary on sleep paralysis and how it has given rise to some frightening legends.


Most of you are probably already aware of Stephen King’s followup to his best selling novel THE SHINING. I’d recommend the audio book as the narrator (actor Will Patton) really brings a lot to the material.

Doctor Sleep
Doctor Sleep


No matter your personal belief on ghosts, this documentary that takes a look at all of the mysterious ghost stories surrounding the London Underground is a must-see.


Em Garner’s debut YA horror novel packs a definite punch, one that’s both visceral and emotional. Check it out.



The Horror Writers Association’s annual “Halloween Haunts” returns with a new Halloween related post every day (and sometimes more than one each day).

Halloween Haunts
Halloween Haunts


Halloween expert Lisa Morton has made a career out of debunking Halloween myths, but in her new novel those myths try to debunk her.

Summer's End
Summer’s End


The followup to the award winning video game, “A Machine for Pigs” has more than just a creepy name. Turn down the lights and turn up the volume on this one. Then change your pants.

That’s all I have time for now, keep checking back for more. In the mean time, what are some of YOUR Halloween recommendations?

Brad C. Hodson is the award winning writer of two dozen short stories, a feature film, and the horror novel DARLING. For more information on his work, check out his Bibliography.

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