Vice-Presidential Debate Takes Unpredicted Turn

Last night, millions tuned in to watch the Vice-President Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan square off at Centre College in Danville, KY. Viewer expectations were mixed, with those on the right anxious to get a first look at Paul Ryan’s debating prowess, and viewers on the left wanting to see Biden bring a tougher challenge than the President did in his first debate against challenger Mitt Romney.

The two candidates.

What no one expected to see, however, was how the debate played out.

“It was surreal,” said stay-at-home Mom Connie Wilkes, 39, of Lawrence, KS. “I mean, I expected sparks to fly, but not like that.”

Connie is referring to an event at the end of the debate.

Throughout the debate, Biden interrupted the challenger while simultaneously displaying a grin that many saw as condescending. Ryan, in turn, seemed to flounder during the foreign policy section but went on to attack the Obama administration throughout the debate. The two men seemed completely at odds, which is why it was so surprising to millions of Americans when, at the end of the debate, the two contestants began to engage in what many commentators called a “serious make-out session.”

The event began when Biden approached Ryan to shake hands. When the two gripped one another, the sweat still heavy on their brows from the hot lights and the hour spent vigorously at odds with one another, their eyes locked and they stood there, the auditorium still, until Biden reached his free hand up to caress Ryan’s cheek.

In a swift, explosive move that brought Secret Service Agents rushing to the stage, the Republican Congressman threw an arm around the Vice-President’s waist and drew him into a long, passionate kiss.

The fateful moment.

Following the debate, the two held hands as they ran through the hallways of Centre College, darting this way and that to avoid the media and the Secret Service, before security cameras caught them slipping out through the cafeteria. Once outside, the two hopped onto Biden’s vintage Harley-Davidson motorcycle, where Ryan slipped his arms around Biden’s waist and rested his head on the VP’s shoulder. They drove off into the night.

Their whereabouts are still unknown.

Brad C. Hodson is a writer living in Los Angeles. His first novel, DARLING, can be purchased  from Amazon or directly from the publisher. For more of his work, check out his Bibliography.

6 Comments on “Vice-Presidential Debate Takes Unpredicted Turn

  1. I know you write horror, Brad, but after reading this I’ll be having nightmares for weeks to come. Seriously, though, good stuff. Keep it up!

    • Glad to help, Jay! The odd thing is, I started this blog to promote a horror novel being released this month. But the political state of the country just BEGS for these articles right now.

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