Halloween Haunts

In the mood for some Halloween fare? Of course you are. All month long, the Horror Writers Association will be hosting HALLOWEEN HAUNTS on their blog. Every day there will be a new blog post (sometimes two) that’s pure Halloween goodness. As the site says:

Those of you who were brave enough to spend Halloween with the horror writers on this blog last year have an idea of what to expect from Halloween Haunts. This year we have an even bigger lineup of posts, excerpts, and giveaways to make October fun and help horror readers connect with some of today’s top horror writers. Authors such as Linda Addison, Allyson Bird, Charles Day, Benjamin K. Ethridge, J.G. Faherty, Brad Hodson, Joe McKinney, Lisa Morton, Stefan Petrucha, John Skipp, Hugh Sterbakov, John D. Taff, Patrick Thomas, Rocky Wood, and many others have all contributed posts or interviews to bring you a daily dose of treats for this Halloween season. And if you’re a horror writer reading this and you’re not yet a member of the Horror Writers Association, I hope Halloween Haunts will entice you to check out the HWA and consider joining. The HWA offers writers many benefits, including mentoring, networking, market news, and professional resources, and it presents the annual Bram Stoker Awards®.

Notice that Brad Hodson guy listed there? I hear he’s all right…

So mosey on over to http://www.horror.org/blog/ and spend the month with us strange and interesting folk on the dark side…

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